The holes of the 6-hole course incl. driving range and putting green.

6-hole course

Hole 1 of the PAR 3 short course starts next to the driving range on the left. "The 6 holes are not only designed for training purposes, but can also be used by experienced golfers. Although they are short, they are quite demanding and correspond to the tournament course in terms of quality," states golf course architect Kurt Rossknecht.

The short course corresponds to the 9-hole main course in design and construction technology, i.e. all playing surfaces are equipped with a sprinkler system, the tees and greens have a sand structure and the same grass mixtures were used.

Thus, the golfer can, for example, combine the 9-hole course with the 6-hole course or play a training round in the same conditions on the tees, the greens and the bunkers.

The 6 courses

The tee of the first hole is right next to the driving range. This means that the golf instructor can play a few practice holes with the student after the golf lesson without having to walk long distances or lose time. All holes are between 90 m and 130 m long. A greatly reduced set of clubs with short irons and putters is therefore sufficient.

Hole 1

The shortest hole of the 6-hole course requires a lot of concentration and skill due to the extremely short distance. The perfect approach shot is required! Do you start your pitch and putt round with a hole-in-one?

Hole 2

Again the shot goes downhill over a small stream, but it should not come into play. There are no other obstacles. The green is embedded in a slope. The chip onto the green is quite challenging, especially if the shot was too long.

Hole 3

From the tee, the course is slightly uphill. The green is defended by a bunker on the left. There is no danger on the right. Here, the player must decide how far to avoid the bunker and accept a longer and heavier second shot to the flag.

Hole 4

Two bunkers, one on the left and one on the right, defend the green. A beautiful lime tree to the left of the green characterises the appearance of this golf course.

Hole 5

From high tees, the course descends into a valley. The green lies to the left of a hut with a vegetable garden. Not a difficult hole, but due to the difference in altitude, the choice of club is not too easy.

Hole 6

Here you have to play over the stream again. However, it is not the problem, but the steep slope in front of the green. If the shot is too short, the ball can roll back or is difficult to hit cleanly because of the slope. After the 6th green, a path leads slightly uphill to tee 1 for a second round or directly to the Gasthaus Badhof.